Garden Centre

Our Garden Centre in the heart Worcestershire, hosts a wide range of Homegrown or Locally Grown Plants along with everything you need to look after your Garden.


From Azaleas to Zinnias and everything in between our Garden Centre Worcestershire is bound to have that little beauty you need to give your Garden.

Outdoor Plants


Our Outdoor Plant area is the heart of our Garden Centre based in Worcestershire. During the Spring and Summer we have multiple deliveries each week of the best plants we can find and at the best price possible.

There is always something in colour every day of the year. The best way to make your Garden colourful is to visit once a month and buy something in colour, that way you’ll have an interesting and colourful Garden all year round.

Rob and his Plant Team take great care in ensuring our Plants are well watered and well looked after. When Plants aren’t quite at their best they can be found in the reduced corner where you’re bound to find a bargain.

During the Winter months our Outdoor Plants can be found in the back Greenhouse; making it easier and warmer for you to shop and to give our Plants a little extra shelter. This also gives us plenty of space for our Christmas Trees!

House Plants

There has been a huge resurgence in the popularity of House Plants over the last few years and our House Plant area has grown and adapted to meet this increase in demand. From traditional blossoming Plants to more in vouge Foliage and Succulents we’ll definitely have the right Plant for the right spot in your house at Hodgehill Garden Centre.

Every week Doreen chooses the best and healthiest Plants she can get and spends the following days talking and singing to her babies whilst she waters and tends to them until they find a new home.

Our Indoor Plants have their own dedicated room within the Garden Centre – the Living Room. Just follow the sound of the relaxing music!

Outdoor Living

We offer a wide range of Outdoor Furniture,  handcrafted in Staffordshire, and made to last at our Garden Centre in the heart of Worcestershire.

The Tables, Chairs and Benches are all desgined to be interchangable and work across multiple ranges, allowing you to mix and match to create a Dining Set most suited to you and your lifestyle.


We try to keep our Compost levels high and prices down throughout the season and offer multi buy deals on every line of Compost.

As our Compost is so popular stock levels do fluctuate and the below products may be temporarily out of stock – it’s always worth giving us a call just to double check.


Our Westland Compost range has grown massively. They are now our main supplier of Compost.

Westland provide fantastic value for money and we give you a little bit extra too with our Mix & Match multi buy offers all season long.


Stocked seasonally, we aim to sell the freshest batch possible each year at our Garden Centre Worcestershire.

Miracle-Gro has been a Gardener’s favourite for years.


Multipurpose Compost from Bulrush is a favorite with Customers and our Nursery Team alike.

This is the Compost we grow all of our Plants in at Hodgehill Garden Centre, Farm Shop & Cafe.

Tools, Pots & Planters

At Hodgehill we stock a wide range of Kent & Stowe Tools. From Trowels and Shovels to more expert tools such as Scarifying Rakes and Potato Forks, we’re sure we’ve got the right tool for the job. However, if you can’t find it, just ask and we can order it in for you to collect.

In addition to our cutting tools from Kent & Stowe we now also stock a range of professional Cutting Tools from Darlac. You’ll also find our selection of Watering products from FloPro with their universal fittings.

All of our Pots and Planters are from the wonderful Woodlodge. With an ever growing and changing range of Terracotta, Glazed and Plastic Pots you’ll be sure to find the right Pot to compliment your Specimen Plant.

Bird & Pet Care

Bird Food

Our self service “Scoop Your Own” Bird Food at our Garden Centre Worcestershire has helped us reduce our Plastic Waste. All of our Bird Food is sold loose.

Our tubs are supplied to you for free for you to fill and reuse.

Pet Care

At Hodgehill we have a wide range of Wild Bird Products. Our stock includes, Feeders, Houses and Tables.

We also stock Dog Beds, Treats, Food and Accessories.

Fuels & Charcoal

Throughout the year we stock the following Fuel products:

– House Coal
– Smokeless Coal
– Paraffin and Charcoal

We also have a great supply of local, sustainable Logs and Kindling.

Opening Hours
8:30am – 5:30pm

10am – 4pm

01562 822058

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