Our plans for 2022

– Ben Pedley, General Manager

2021 is certainly a year which will stand out in our history – another challenging year for our industry but we’ve had a ball! Looking back at what we’ve accomplished has been really heartwarming but 2022 is set to be our best year yet.

We’ve so many amazing projects planned for 2022, with our main focus being on lessening our impact on the environment. The team have started planting a new copse as part of our future wildlife walk area and this year we’ll be planting huge patches of native wildflowers. We’ll also be adding dozens of bird, owl and bat boxes.

Eagle eyed customers will have noticed the many changes to our buildings over the last two years and the building works scheduled for this year conclude our phase one building plans. This year will see the butchery relocate into a new purpose built area within the existing Farm Shop as well as increasing the size of the shop itself. We’re also hopeful that the first part of phase two can also start which will be the demolition of a couple of dilapidated buildings making way for our new eco-friendly entrance tying the Farm Shop and Garden Centre together. 

2022 will see the introduction of our peat free compost growing trials in the nursery. The use of peat in compost will be banned in the coming years so it’s vital that we’re ahead of the changes which are so important in the fight to reduce the devastating impact peat use has had on the environment.

The lounge within our café will be launching as a function room this year. When the café was initially built the lounge was always envisaged as a cosy function room which could suit many events. Unfortunately COVID put our function room plans on hold but we’re very hopefully for a successful launch in 2022.

These are just a few key and exciting plans that we have to look forward to this year. Hopefully you’re now as excited as we are for what 2022 has in store for us!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year